02 August 2016

WFRP2 Career Expansion, version 2.2 (WFRP2)

New version of WFRP2 Career Expansion. This document features:
  • Over 60 new careers (both basic and advanced)
  • Over 40 new Talents & Traits (to expand the new careers even more)
  • More rules and careers about different Entertainers
  • Careers for many Knight and Templar orders
  • Huge amount of Dwarfen careers (including their nobility, knights and priesthood)
  • Martial Arts rules and careers
  • Expanded Wizard Career Rules
  • New spells
  • and more...
 For version 2.2 I have:
  • Corrected tons of grammar
  • Fixed some details from couple of careers
  • Changed Expanded Wizard Career Rules little
  • And added few other things...