10 November 2015

Expanded & Optional Weaponry (WFRP2 Rules)

Inspired by the works of other fans, about alternative weapon rules, in Strike to Stun forum I decided to make new edition of my Expanded WFRP2 Weaponry (1.1) document. This document is mostly loyal to the original WFRP2 rules. Added number of new things:
  • Made document more easy to read.
  • Divided each weapon category to "common" and "exotic".
  • Cleared some Qualities and also added some new Qualities.
  • Added number of new (and exotic) weaponry.
  • Fixed stats of some weaponry.
  • Made Giant-sized weaponry even more deadly.
  • Added some new combat rules, including Armour Damage rules (at the very end of the document).

And then, inspired by other fans work, I made Optional WFRP2 Weaponry (1.0) document. This is pretty much same as the above, but each and every type of weapon has unique stats making them truly different with each other. I have also tried to balance weapons as best I can. And added some new Qualities to make weaponry maybe more realistic.

Both these documents can be found from WFRP2 Rules -page.