11 August 2015

New (and updated) Warhammer stuff from other fans

Keep the hammer high and fan-rules coming. Couple of fan-additions from various sites. Be sure to check these out:

The Daily Empire -site has been busy this summer. It has a new adventure: Heralds of Woe. You can also find The Legacy of Tibor Brochi scenario and interesting article about the Bretonnian Knighthood. Before those there is also Random Skaven Trappings and (Bitter Moors) Landrel Barrow.

d0m0kun has also been busy with his rules (new chase rules and many updated documents). Mostly WFRP1 rules, but also various universal articles.

And remember to visit/check even more from the topics of Strike to Stun forum and also from the Fantasy Flight Games Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay forum.