12 February 2015

Archaon, part II - Lord of Chaos (novel)

"Archaon – the former templar of Sigmar now dedicated to the Ruinous Powers – continues his quest to claim the six great treasures of Chaos and bring death to the world as the Everchosen of the gods. As he travels the world – from the southern Chaos Wastes to the verdant lands of Bretonnia – Archaon faces unimaginable perils and devastating betrayals. And all the while, Be’lakor, the first daemon prince, plots and awaits his chance to destroy the would-be Everchosen and claim his mantle as Lord of Chaos and harbinger of the End Times." -Archaon - Lord of Chaos by Rob Sanders

Second novel about the story of Archaon, the Everchosen by Rob Sanders. More about the book visit the Black Library: Archaon - Lord of Chaos