This page is dedicated to Nuln mapping project. You also find reference document (checklist.txt) below, where you can check Nuln places and their sources, edition changes and all the other folk who have tributed and helped on this project and/or written stuff about Nuln.

Nuln v2 will feature bigger area around the city and also huge Reik opening ("league opening"), that is mentioned in the Skavenslayer (novel) and also in the Forges of Nuln (WFRP2 sourcebook). Every fan can decide if the actual league size of opening is possible here. My map will only feature the beginning of the opening.

Very special thanks must be given to another Nuln fun, Aenthondiel, that has helped to bring the Nuln alive. Even we dont agree with everything on the map, his help has been very valuable in this project. Also his site will feature Italian version of the Nuln with detailed document about the city.

Nuln Maps

Nuln Map, version 2.1 (.jpg)
Nuln Map. Based on the map found from the Forges of Nuln (WFRP2 sourcebook). Huge part of information has been taken from the official sources (RPG sourcebooks and novels), alot from different fan-based works (adventures, sourcebooks, maps...), and rest done by myself and other fans.

Nuln Map: Blank, version 2.1 (.jpg)
As above, but totally blank map. There are no sites, streetnames, districts...etc.

Nuln Map: Districts, version 2.1 (.jpg)
District map. Similar as full map, but all the district have coloring.

Nuln Map: Sewers, version 2.1 (.jpg)

Nuln Map checklist (.txt)
Version information about Nuln Map and full list of sources.

Old Nuln Maps

Nuln Map, version 1.65 (.jpg)

Nuln Map: Blank, version 1.65 (.jpg)

Nuln Map: Districts, version 1.65 (.jpg)

Other Nuln Maps

Nuln Map in Polish, version 1.65 (site)
Thanks to WinterSpirit, owner of this site/blog, there are also Polish versions of my Nuln maps and the checklist. You can find them from this link.