Official Game Sites

Cubicle 7 Entertainment - Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (English)
RPG company that is developing the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and Age of Sigmar Roleplaying Game since 2017. Current version of WFRP is 4th Edition.
Games Workshop (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese)
Official Games Workshop site. Choose your location.
Warhammer: Bloodbowl (English, French, German, Italian, Spain, Japan)
Official site of the Warhammer: Bloodbowl boardgame by Games Worksphop.
Warhammer: Bloodbowl (English, Spanish, French, German)
Official site of the Warhammer: Bloodbowl computer game by Cyanide Studio.
Man O' War: Corsair (English)
Official site of the Man O' War: Corsair computer game by Evil Twin Artwork.
Mordheim: City of the Damned (English, French, German, Spanish)
Official site of the Mordheim - City of the Damned computer game by Rogue Factor.
Total War: Warhammer (English)
Official site of the Total War: Warhammer computer game by The Creative Assembly.
Vermintide (English)
Official site of the Vermintide computer game by Fatshark.
Warhammer Quest (English)
Official site of the Warhammer Quest computer game by Rodeo Games.
Forge World (English)
is subsidiary company of Games Workshop that designs, moulds, and sells resin models for various games.

ZWEIHÄNDER - A Grim & Perilous RPG (English)
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay inspired retroclone released under Creative Commons License Share-Alike. Note! Used to be

Book & Comic Sites

The Black Library (English)
"Bringing the worlds of Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 to life!"
Gav Thorpe - Official Website (English)
Warhammer writer and games designer.
The official Kim Newman website (English)
Author of following Warhammer fiction by name Jack Yeovil: Beast In Velvet, Genevieve Undead and legendary Drachenfels. And many other stories.

Art Sites

Caleb Cleveland (English)
Caleb Cleveland blog.
Max Bertolini (English, French, Italian)
Warhammer and Talisman art. And alot more other art.
Pat Loboyko (English)
Pat Loboyko blog.
Sloth Productions (English)
Michael Phillippi art.

Fan Sites

The Altdorf Correspondent (English)
This is the home of iAltdorf, which is huge and detailed map from great city of Altdorf. You just have to check it out.
Apathy Blogs (English)
This RPG blog features multiple game systems, but has great Utilites for WFRP2: Career Index and Monster Index
Awesome Lies (English)
Retro musings on Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
Blood Bowl: Bloodbowl Tactics (English)
Blood Bowl rules, pictures, teams, stuff...
Blood Bowl: Blood Bowl PlayBook (English)
Blood Bowl rules, pictures, teams, stuff...
Blood Bowl: Blood Bowl Old Skool Picture Archive (English)
Blood Bowl rules, pictures, teams, stuff...
Castle Goblinstein: WFRP (English)
Part of this site is also WFRP2 Index (check below other link).
Crisis In Marienburg (English)
WFB campaign in summer 2008. Based on the 23rd century.
Cutlass WFRP (English)
WFRP3 site, with general information about the Warhammer world.
The Daily Empire (English)
Warhammer Blog "Published When Able". Site also has downloads and news.
Eldritch Epistles (English)
Good old Warhammer stuff and miniatures.
FAEIT 212 - News & Rumours (English)
Great source for various rumours including Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40K.
Fantasy Names Generator (English, German)
Excellent fantasy name generator, which is very simple to use. Names go perfectly to the Warhammer setting, but also many other settings.
Fighting Fantasist (English)
Good old Warhammer stuff.
Gitzman's Gallery (English)
WFRP3 site. Features maps, resources, map tools...etc.
Graeme Davis - Writing, games, and writing in games (English)
Graeme Davis blog featuring also Warhammer stuff.
Le Grimoire (French)
French WFRP1 magazine. Early 2005 stopped publishing issues about Warhammer.
Grognard Archieve (English)
Archieve of old Warhammer stuff (projects, careers, bestiary, adventures, handouts, old Black Industry extra material...etc).
Gry Fabularne (Polish)
Hanumans Gefolge (German)
Der Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Blog.
HeroQuest Site (English, Finnish, Dansk, Deutsch, Dutch, French, Italian, Norway, Portugise, Spanish, Swedish)
Features all the stuff from the legendary tabletop HeroQuest, which was partly related to WFRP.
Into the Sewers! (English)
RPG and Wargames oriented blog, with WFRP stuff.
Lexicanum (English)
The unofficial Warhammer Encyclopedia.
Ralf Schemmann's Man O' War Fleets (English)
Good site about Games Workshop Man O' War game.
Realm of Chaos 80s (English)
Interesting blog about Warhammer.
Rossi's WFRP Weblog (English)
Rossini "WFRP Web Radar". Check out here lates developments in WFRP community (both official and fan-based). NOT ACTIVE SINCE 2008.
Roysten Crow - Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play (English)
WFRP1 site full of adventures and campaign ideas.
RPG Geek (English)
This site is dedicated of listing all the RPG settings. This link features the Warhammer Fantasy games and includes all the editions.
RPG Host (English)
This site hosts character sheets, adventures...etc for almost every game on the market, including Warhammer. (English)
Good site about Games Workshop Wargames. Includes W40K, Necromunda, Epic, Man O'War, Warmachine...etc.
Strange Eons (English)
Great tool for creating cards for WFRP3. Also tool has expansions for many other games.
Sunatet GMTOOLS (English)
WFRP3 site, with great tools for the game.
Tin Star Games - Warhammer (English)
Home of Sword of the South: A Guide To Estalia... And other excellent stuff.
Under a Deadly Moon (English)
WFRP4 site, with various information that can be used with any version.
Warhammer-Empire (English)
Warhammer Fantasy Battle site, but has interesting information that can be used with RPG (like Knightly Orders, Provincial information...). Check especially Library.
Warhammer Map (-)
Link to huge Warhammer Map. Includes Old World, Norsca, Kislev, Badlands, The Dark Lands, Mountains of Mourn, Araby, Land of the Dead (Khemri), Dragon Isles and even more.
The WFRP2 Index (English)
Part of Castle Goblinstein: WFRP (check above other link). (English)
Warhammer Fantasy Battle site. It has links to huge number of WFB sites. (English, German)
Inside this site you can also find great collection of Fanzines and Magazines for WFRP and list of their articles. This collection includes also magazines from diffent countries.
WFRP3 Dice Roller (English)
Automatic dice roller for WFRP3.
Winter--Spirit / Zimowe Marzenia (Polish)
From this WFRP blog you will found WFRP related stuff including also my Nuln Maps translated to Polish. And done with great skill.


Winds of Chaos Forum (English)
Winds of Chaos Forum was created when Strike to Stun Forum was going down. It serves all the editions of Warhammer RPG.
Bugmans Brewery Forum (English)
The home for all Dwarf Warhammer fans.
Strike to Stun Forum (English)
SITE DOWN SINCE 2019!!! Strike to Stun Forum supports all editions of Warhammer and even beyond. But it is especially good place find old and new fans of any edition.

Warhammer Alliance (English)
Warhammer Online forum.
Warseer: Empire Knightly Orders (English)
Link to Warseer forum which holds large knightly & templar orders list/thread. And also other discussions about Warhammer. Check them also.
YAHOO Games Groups: Warhammer Fantasy RPG (English)
A discussion forum mainly for the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition.

WAR (Warhammer Online)

HammerWiki: Warhammer Online (English)
WAR has created excellent fan-sources. This WIKI features huge amount info about Warhammer World, even based on the Warhammer Online.
The Tower of Dreams (English)
Free Unofficial game guide. Includes Atlas of War.